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About Design Amore Interiors, LLC 

Principal Designer: Andrell Hall

Since it's inception in 2017 our mission at Design Amore Interiors is to provide creative services for those who want to transform their spaces that are most important to them focusing on sustainability, functionality, safety and welfare and travel inspired creations.

Cafe Interior
Flower Decorations


My name is Andrell Hall- Founder/ Principal Interior Designer and creativity has always been a part of my lifestyle. I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Interior Design with a minor in Sustainability.

Not only am I a super twin mom, but also a creativeprenuer 24/7 who loves to travel the world! I was inspired to step out on faith to cultivate a creative vision through my talents and professional studies.


Throughout my design journey I have been immersed in various experiences and projects that has enabled me to travel, study and gain skills worldwide that in turn have cultivated a worldly appreciation that are captured in my work. I now reference myself as The Traveling Designer, because travel and worldwide inspiration are incorporated into every aspect of my design processes and lifestyle. 

All of these experiences have prepared me for my passion in Interior and Event Design and put me one step closer towards expanding my business globally. 

Our vision is designing a space with amore (love) is a must, because I want you to love your space as much as I loved designing it for you!  Please explore my journey and see my creativity shine first hand. 

Are you ready to create a space that you will AMORE?!





We make clients happy through a design process of creative adventure. Your future experiences in your space becomes a global journey every step of the way with the stamp of Design Amore Interiors on it.
This is shown not only by the number of clients served, but more importantly the impact felt in each individual client’s respective space and life.
We know you will amore your space just as much as we did designing it.
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